Our Data Privacy Statement

FAITH - Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality, (hereafter referred  to as FAITH) has been set up a federation of 10 national tourism, travel and hospitality associations ( hereafter referred to as member associations) of India. Our intent is to engage with various authorities of Government in India ( hereafter referred to as Government) to enable them to better appreciate the Socio- Economic importance of tourism. 

We are not a commercial body, nor are we an event organiser. This India Tourism Mart ( hereafter referred to as Mart) is being organised , under guideline from Ministry of Tourism (MOT) to bring together global and domestic buyers and sellers to communicate to them further the appeal of Indian tourist destinations 

We have limited purpose use of the  data that you share with us. It will enable us to facilitate your participation in the Mart. As a buyer of tourism products, you will be brought in touch with sellers of the products and as sellers of the tourism products you will be brought in touch with buyers ( hereafter referred to as buyers & sellers. 

Your sharing of your information with us enabled us to do the same as highlighted above. 

Apart from this specific and limited use your data will not be shared or sold for any other purpose or to any other party. 

However, your sharing of your information with us, automatically authorises us to share any and all of your information with Government Authorities of any department ( hereafter referred to as Government) if they so desire for any issues such as national security or any legal / regulatory needs. 

Your data may be used as information  for any legal or contractual protection of our rights , if it is so and wherever required. 

If we do require your data  for any purpose, apart from the above, we will take your permission for the same. 

Your data will not be available to public and will not be loosely available and will vest within our or our computing ecosystem. 

We will have no control over the  buyers & sellers that you will engage with and what they choose to do with data that they get. Their practices are not audited by us. 

We will guide our system  vendors to maintain caution on privacy. However their practices are not audited by us. 

We will not maintain your data beyond this purpose. We may choose to anonymise your data subsequently without creating any linkage to you. 

We are not responsible for maintaining freshness & validity of your data. 

You are free to during the validity of our engagement with us, to confirm the kind of your data points available with us. 

You are also free to ask us any other query about our data protection mechanism and also conduct your own diligence on your comfort with the legal framework of our country. 

Once you choose to engage with us, implies your comfort with our Data Privacy Policy. 

This is not a conclusive statement and will be updated as and when with stronger policy guidelines. 

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